Easter baskets and egg hunting fun

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!EASTER BASKETS thumb.png

We started our morning the same as I’m sure many others did. Opening the Easter baskets! The kids had a great time. My favorite part is just watching them and seeing there reactions. My son LJ was so excited about everything! His first piece of candy you would have thought he got a piece of gold. My daughter is slightly less enthusiastic, but you could definitely see she was excited about most her things.

After the kids played for a few minutes we ventured outside to collect all the eggs the Easter Bunny had left for them. This used to be my favorite part. ell still is. If anyone was to ever let me join an egg hunt, I would be DOWN. They both did a great job, they found all but about 4 by themselves. We had to help out a bit at the end, they were still looking but you could tell they were much more interested in getting inside to see and eat what they found.

egghunt snap

We had a great day, and enjoyed the beautiful weather Maine brought us for the day.

I created a video of our morning that I would love for you to check out (here)


Starting a new chapter

This week I have decided to take on a new challenge.  Well a few.
First, I want to start writing more. While I wouldn’t say that I am a particularly good writer, I do enjoy it, and some things are easier to type out than to say.

Second, I am starting a YOUTUBE channel. This is a whole new adventure for me. It is something that I have had in my head since I first started staying home. I would watch other SAHM and it was so nice to be able to relate to someone, to understand how they feel about things, and really see the emotions. I wanted to help in this, to get another perspective. While many SAHM I think would say that their days are generally the same(cook, clean, play, cleanup after the kids, cook, play, clean…)Its the little details that help someone be more relatable. Maybe its how they are raising there kids, how their children act, the things they do throughout the day, or their personality. Whatever it is that makes you connected with them just a bit more than than the next.

I am definitely excited, slightly nervous, but I can’t wait to get started!

Here is a link to my channel (Mommy2Monsters)